WDSF Breaking for Gold


B-Girl Round Robin Groups

20 May 2018 04:53

B-Girl Round Robin GroupsThe Preselection Phase has been completed and the breakers have been assigned to one of the four groups each for the B-Boy and B-Girl events. We have the group compositions available here for the b-girls. 16 will do three 1 vs 1 battles, trying to make it to the top two of each group and to advance further in this World Youth Breaking Championshis.

Below is another preselection video showing one of the favourites for today's win in B-Girl: Ram, JPN, won the YOG qualifier Asia/Oceania very convincingly in December 2017.

fnHpkZAjFKA|Ram, JPN vs Anastasia, LAT | 2018 World Youth Breaking | Preliminary R
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