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Belgian Breaking

15 Dec 2017 10:13

Danssport VlaanderenDancesport Flanders, the regional governing body, and Straatrijk, the organisation behind UNBREAKABLE, the biggest b-boy event in Belgium, set up a crowdfunding page: Road to the Olympics - Belgian Breakdancing Scene.

There they look for individual donations from 5 to 500+ € to cover the airfare to and the stay in Tokyo of three b-boys who have a shot at making it to the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympics by excelling in the WDSF World Breaking Championships in Japan.  The target: 3,500 €! Close to 300 € were raised in less than 24h!

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) congratulates Danssport Vlaanders and Straatrijk on their initiative. WDSF hopes that its National Member Body, the Belgian Dancesport Federation, will make a significant contribution and solicit the support of the Belgian National Olympic Committee as well.

Jacowbski produced a video for the crowdfunding drive! Donate under the following link! https://nl.ulule.com/belgiumbreakdance/

CDORX41zZbo|Road to Youth Olympics - Belgian Breakdance scene


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