WDSF Breaking for Gold


Bound for Buenos Aires!

29 Jun 2018 08:40

24.jpgThe list* of 12 B-boys and 12 B-girls who will compete for gold at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) was officially released on June 28 as the countdown clock hit 100 days to go.

The 24 athletes represent 18 countries and four continents in total. To reach Buenos Aires, each dancer had to navigate through a yearlong qualification process that began with the first online video qualifier in Olympic history.

The competition was open to any B-boy or B-girl around the globe between the ages of 15 and 18 – a requirement to compete at the Youth Olympic Games. More than 1,000 young hopefuls submitted 1-minute videos of themselves in action, and the top five from each country were selected by a panel of judges that included legends of the sport such as Crazy Legs and Storm.

Three continental qualifiers featuring 395 shortlisted dancers then took place during the high-profile Silverback Open (USA), Battle of the Year (Germany) and Taipei Bboy City (Chinese Taipei), where 87 dancers earned the right to compete at the WDSF World Youth Breaking Championships in Kawasaki, Japan, in May. The 24 dancers that will participate in the YOG in Buenos Aires were selected from these 87 competitors, with the final decision left to each National Olympic Committee.

This year’s YOG will take place from 6-18 October in the Argentine capital. The breaking competition will take place on October 7, 8, 10 and 11 and feature individual and mixed-team battles.

A high-profile panel of judges has been assembled for the YOG that includes Storm, Crazy Legs, Moy, Mounir, Narumi, AT, and Renegade. MC’ing the event will be Mario Bee, with DJ Fleg and DJ Lean Rock providing the beats.


  • Shigekix (Japan)
  • Bumblebee (Russia)
  • Bad Matty (Italy)
  • X-Rain (China)
  • Axel (Poland)
  • Reflow (Belgium)
  • D-Matt (Canada)
  • KennyG (Chinese Taipei)
  • Martin (France)
  • B4 (Vietnam)
  • Broly (Argentina)
  • Jordan (South Africa)


  • Ram (Japan)
  • Matina (Russia)
  • Yell (South Korea)
  • Señorita Carlota (France)
  • Lexy (Italy)
  • Vicky (Netherlands)
  • Emma (Canada)
  • Ivy (Cyprus)
  • Vale (Argentina)
  • Anastasia (Latvia)
  • Ella (Austria)
  • Csepke (Hungary)
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