WDSF Breaking for Gold


Breaking To Keep Gold in Japan

18 Jan 2018 11:08

JDSF Press ConferenceSome of the biggest names in breaking wore formal attire once more at today's press conference in Tokyo, JPN. B-Boys Katsu One and Taisuke joined Japan DanceSport Federation President Toshitsugu Saito, Managing Director Atsushi Yamada and others to present two things to the journalists in attendance.

JDSF being the host and organiser of the event, it first informed about the 2018 WDSF World Youth Breaking Championship held in Kawasaki, near Tokyo, on Sunday 20 May.

As the third and final stage in the qualifying process for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG), it will identify from among close to 100 those 24 b-boys and b-girls, 12 per gender, who will get to compete in the YOG Breaking events in October.

Then the JDSF leadership presented "Team Japan," the five members of the Nippon squad who have qualified for the 2018 World Youth Breaking. Among them the winners of the Continental Qualifier for Asia and Oceania, which took place in early December of 2017 in Taipei City, TPE:Shigeki Hanai, aka B-Boy Shigekix and Kawai Kimo, aka B-Girl Ram.

These two breakers pledged that they - together with three team mates - would try hard to keep the gold in Japan in May ... and to bring back even more from Argentnia in October. Then all five got down to prove that the talent as well as the skills are there to make good on the pledge.

kPsNECffJXU|ユースオリンピック ブレイキンの世界選手権 出場者によるソロデモンストレーション!



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