WDSF Breaking for Gold


CHN Breaking

08 Dec 2017 05:02

CHN BreakingWhile here in Shanghai for the upcoming 2017 GrandSlam Finals, we had the opportunity to talk to Jimmy Su, the Secretary General of the Chinese DanceSport Federation, about the YOG Qualifier held last weekend in Taipei City, TPE.

We wrote ahead of the event that bringing the five b-boys and B-Girl Lil-V in representation of the People's Republic of China to Taipei would not be easy. As all Cross-Straits sports exchanges, it called for special visas to be issued on both sides.

This then implied that an extra effort had to be put in by Jimmy Su, as the head of the Chinese delegation, and by Royce Yeh, as the President of the Chinese Taipei DanceSport Federation and formal host of the Qualifier. The Chinese as well as Chinese Taipei Olympic Committees and WDSF First Vice-President Shawn Tay were also involved in writing breaking history with the first ever breaking exchange.

The Chinese breakers and the officials lost one flight due to the delays in the visa issuance, but they ended up making it in time for the Qualifier. Of the six who battled last Saturday, four - three b-boys and B-Girl Lil-V, remain in the running for one of the 24 places in the YOG contingent

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