WDSF Breaking for Gold


Donw To Eight

20 May 2018 06:34

B-Girl Connie, USA © Quan

The Round Robin Phase for the B-Girl Event has produced the eight breakers who will battle it out in the decisive stage of the 2018 World Youth Breaking: in the knockout rounds, from quarterfinal to final.

They are listed below in the alphabetical order of their country and the order of their record of rounds won (R) and votes obtained (V). The three winners of the continental qualifiers advanced (Connie, Matina and Ram), but four out of the eight b-girls in the quarterfinal are from Asia, specifically from Japan and Korea. B-Girl Ram continues on track to repeat her perfect record at the Asia/Oceania qualifier in Taipei City, TPE: with all rounds won and with the maximum number of votes by the judges.

Senorita Carlota (4R/20V)

Lexy (4R/19V)

Ram (6R/30V)
Uruha (6R/26V)

Yell (5R/22V)
Minseo (5R/19V)

Matina (4R/20V)

Connie (3R/19V)

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