WDSF Breaking for Gold


From Burlington To The World

23 Feb 2018 11:05

B-Girl Connie, USA © QuanB-Girl Connie, USA, was victorious at the YOG Continental Qualifier for the Americas last year. In the final battle of the qualifier held in Philadelphia, USA, she defeated B-Girl Emma from Canada and was -
eventually, with a delay due to a problem with the scoring software - declared the winner.

As she gets ready for the last stage of YOG qualifying at the WDSF World Youth Breaking Championships in Kawasaki, JPN, this July, the media are starting to tell her story. And it sounds unbelievable: "“I never took a class in my life, so I’m a self-taught dancer. It basically started off by just watching breakdancers on like ‘America’s Got Talent,’” she said. “Then I just started kind of like copying what they would do. From there it just took off!"

Read the full article on Connie Kingston on the website of the Burlington, NC, station WFMY. 

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