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Himalayan High Hopes

20 May 2018 07:11

B-Boy Tricky Tricks @ and8Another b-boy who was in the focus of the international media was Shyam Maharjan, NEP, aka B-Boy Trick Tricks. Member of the Everest Crew and hailing from Katmandu, he carried not only his own Himalayan high hopes with him, but also those of fellow crew members and even of breakers in the neighbouring Bhutan.

“It’s been a long journey to get here,” said Tricky Tricks in an interview with a press agency. “But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am focused on performing my best and hopefully it will be good enough to move on to the Youth Olympic Games.”

"Congratulation and very, very best of luck to our brother Tricky Tricks, who is representing Nepal and the Everest Crew in the last Youth Olympic qualifier in Japan. It's a very proud moment for all the Nepalese and the Nepal Hip Hop community. Let's all wish him the best of best of luck.!" This is what the other members wrote on Facebook.

Unfortunately, Tricky Tricks has failed to make the cut and doesn't get to dance the Round Robin Phase. Next time, brother. You're 17, it will have to be in the normal Olympics ... Let's have a look at his video submitted last year during the digital qualifying stage.

xkjOP9hP2PE|TrickyTricks / Nepal
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