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Important information regarding Breaking's Road to Paris 2024

16 Nov 2022 11:06

Breaking Qualification Sysytem

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) wishes to draw attention to three important documents concerning Breaking’s road to the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

They are:

The WDSF Presidium approved the documents at a meeting on 19 October and strongly encourages all b-boys and b-girls aiming to qualify for Paris 2024 and all WDSF National Member Bodies (NMBs) to familiarize themselves with the information contained within.

The documents include important information on ways to qualify for the Olympic Games as well as the competition format, judging system and other regulations to be used in Breaking qualifying events and at Paris 2024.

The Continental Games Qualification System details all the ways Breakers can qualify for their Continental Games, such as the European Games, Asian Games(*1) and Pan American Games. Quota places and allocations per country are provided, along with a timeline and other important  information.

The Olympic Qualification System Road to Paris 2024, meanwhile, presents an overview of how B-Boys and B-Girls can qualify to Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS). Eligibility guidelines, national quotas, reallocation rules and a timeline are provided.

Version 3 of the WDSF Breaking Rules and Regulations Manual is an adaptation of the WDSF YOG Rule Book 2018 and v2 of the WDSF Rules and Regulations Manual Breaking from February 2019. As such it reflects all the latest improvements to the Trivium Judging System, competition formats,
Codes of Conduct, and equipment requirements for Breaking at WDSF and Olympic events.

In total, 16 b-girls and 16 b-boys will qualify to compete at Paris 2024 via the WDSF Olympic Qualification System, which was approved by the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in April 2022 and is based on the principles of inclusivity, transparency, and equality.

The qualification system can be found on Olympics.com

*1 Qualification path for Asian Games will be slightly different all NMBs will be informed

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