WDSF Breaking for Gold


Night Class In Wayne, PA

20 Oct 2017 12:16

Night ClassThe YOG Qualifiers are among the first competitions that are adjudicated with the innovative judging system Trivium developed by the Breaking for Gold head judge Storm, fellow judge Renegade and the techies of and8.

We have given you a first glance at the unique features of Trivium and the philosophy that underlies it in a recent news post. Three of the five Breaking for Gold judges in Philadelphia will be giving the tablet-based system their first try under fire today. To get ready for that, they took the night class with Storm and Renegade. After a brief introduction, they went hands-on and re-judged the video recordings of some the tightest 1 vs 1 battles in last year's Silverback Open.

One piece of advice given by Storm keeps ringing in our ears: "Don't use the faders during the dancing, wait until the end." But here, sit it on the class!



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