WDSF Breaking for Gold


Officially Ready For Buenos Aires!

22 Aug 2018 10:36

Group picture 2.jpgPreparations for Breaking’s debut at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires this 6-18 October are in the final stretch following a successful preparatory meeting for International Technical Officials (ITO) in Berlin today.

The meeting, held at the Flying Steps Academy, was attended by members of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), including Event Delegate Thomas Hergenröther, head judges Storm and Renegade, MC Mario Bee, and technical officials responsible for all operational aspects of the event.

With six weeks to go to the start of the Games, the officials discussed a number of important topics, including the Trivium judging system, the competition schedule, Rule 50 of the Olympic Charter, the Culture and Education Programme (CEP), communications and social media, and event preparations.

“Such a meeting is key to properly fine tune the small details which will make the difference when it will be time to deliver,” said WDSF Advisor Jean-Laurent Bourquin. “Everybody is very excited, committed, and at the professional level necessary for such an important event as the Youth Olympic Games. The overall feeling is that we can’t wait to be in Argentina and offer an incredible experience for the young generations.”

The meeting also gave the delegates the opportunity to reinforce their team spirit and develop the perfect collaboration to deliver what is set to become a historic moment in Breaking and Olympic history.

“I’m really happy with the meeting. I feel everybody is really tuned into the Olympic mode and spirit,” said Hergenröther. “Most important for me is that we really came together as a team, really positive, on a mission to deliver the best Breaking competition we can at the Youth Olympic Games.”

The Breaking competition will take place on 7-8 October (1vs1 battles) and 10-11 October (2vs2 mixed-gender battles) at the Urban Park in Buenos Aires. In total, 24 athletes (12 b-girls and 12 b-boys) from 18 countries will compete to become the first Olympic medallists in Breaking history.

A high-profile panel of judges has been assembled for the YOG that includes Crazy Legs, Moy, Mounir, Narumi, and AT, with Storm and Renegade as head judges. In addition to MCs Mario Bee and Percha, DJ Fleg and DJ Lean Rock will keep the crowd entertained on all four days of competition. 

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