WDSF Breaking for Gold


Present In Philadelphia

20 Oct 2017 12:12

Venezuelan Protest © Silva · ReuterStarting tomorrow, 6 October, we will report LIVE (i.e. in our customary nearly real-time fashion - through imagery and text) from the YOG Qualifier for the Americas! 

The first of the Continental Qualifiers that make up the second stage of "Breaking for Gold," the qualification process for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, is the smallest one in terms of participation. But that's what you get when half of the combined land mass of the Americas is taken up by two countries alone. With participation limited to 35 countries - plus a few dependent territories which are recognised by the International Olympic Committee - we seem to be doing alright with 15 nations/territories represented in Philadelphia.

But it is sad to see that some b-boys/girls cannot make it to the Qualifier for all the wrong reasons. How could they, travelling to the USA from a country with an annual inflation rate of 700%?



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