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¡Que Te Mejores! ... Get Well!

18 May 2018 16:39

B-Girl Esya, COLIt is still very sketchy and the details are not available to us right now, but one of the 29 b-girls had to throw in the towel before the battles started here in Kawasaki.

B-Girl Esya (Estefania Yate Ramirez) from Colombia received what she described to a reporter as the most important e-mail of her life on 10 August 2017: WDSF Headquarters notified her that she had made it past the first stage of "Breaking for Gold," the qualifying process for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, and that she was invited to the continental qualifier for the Americas in Philadelphia, USA. At this qualifier, stage two of the process, which was piggybacked on the traditional Silverback Open, she made it all the way to third in the final standing.

With her place in the final stage of battling for the 12 YOG places, the 2018 World Youth Breaking in Kawasaki, JPN, secured, the b-girl stepped up her training together with fellow Colombian B-Boy Marsue. All this was covered by the media in Colombia over the past few months!

With one day to go, and with a flight to Tokyo already booked and paid for by the Colombian Olympic Committee, she had to give forfait due to injury or illness. That is where the sketchy part comes in. We'll find out more tomorrow from her three teammates: Marsue, Carlitoz, STIV.

Here she is battling against second-placed B-Girl Emma from Canada!

LDQW-ruobU0|Esya, COL vs Emma, CAN | YOG QUAL Americas
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