WDSF Breaking for Gold



24 Apr 2021 06:40


The All-Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll (FDSARR) successfully organised the Russian national Breaking championships on 17-18 April at the Gymnastics Palace in Moscow.

A record 1,100 athletes representing 262 dance clubs, 108 cities and 54 regions took part in 13 competition categories over the two days.

In the adult b-boy category, b-boy Gun was crowned Russian national champion, while b-boy Jamal finished as runner-up. B-boy Kosto took the bronze medal.

Two-time Red Bull BC One World Champion b-girl Kastet won the adult b-girl title, with b-girl Vavi taking silver and b-girl Tata the bronze.

Thirty-one crews took part in the 3 vs 3 battles. Style Power, featuring 2018 Youth Olympic Games champion b-boy Bumblebee, b-boy Beetle and b-boy Nord Diamond, finished first, followed by Original People in second and Illusion of Action in third.

The Breaking community was well-represented on the panel of judges, which included Aslan (Predatorz), Komar (Top 9), Yan (Allthemost), Bruce Almighty (Momentum), and Well (Ruffneck Attack). Killa Kolya (Simple System) took part as an international judge from Kazakhstan.

Soul DJ Smirnoff, DJ JAY-D, MC Kazak and MC Sunny Soul provided the atmosphere at the event.

The prize money up for grabs totalled more than 800,000 Russian rubles. The event was held with spectators, with 1,500 people attending over the two days.

“We have been impressed from day one with how well the FDSARR have embraced the Breaking community in Russia and how extremely well organised they have been,” said World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) President Shawn Tay. “The WDSF heartily congratulates the FDSARR on their successful Breaking championships and continued commitment to all dancers. They are clearly one of the federations our other National Members Bodies should be taking inspiration from in the lead up to Breaking’s Olympic debut in 2024.”

The FDSARR provided live stream of the event on the federation’s social media accounts: vk.com/fdsarr, YouTube FDSARR Breaking/WDSF Russia, Instagram @fdsarr_official as well as on its website: www.fdsarr.ru

The FDSARR will provide the winners in all age groups and disciplines with flights and hotel accommodation in Sochi for the All-Russian Breaking competition to be held on 25-27 June during the multi-sport Sochi Open-2021.

Based on the results of the Russian national Breaking championship, the FDSARR will form the Russian national Breaking team that will represent the Russian Federation at the biggest international championships, including the first ever 2021 WDSF European Breaking Championships on 26-27 June at the Olympic Park in Sochi and the 2021 WDSF World Breaking Championship on October 17 in Nanjing.

Additionally, the FDSARR will organize a training camp for the champions and the prize winners of the All-Russian Breaking competitions for b-boys and b-girls aged 7-10 this summer.


Russian national Breaking championship, b-girls Adults

1. Natalia Kilyachikhina / Kastet

2. Aleksandra Kachanova / Vavi

3. Tatiana Russkikh / Tata

Russian national Breaking championship, b-boys Adults

1. Aleksandr Ganachyan / Gun

2. Jamal Asadulaev / Jamal

3. Konstantin Eliseytcev / Kosto

Russian national Breaking championship, crews 3 vs 3 Adults

1. Style Power

2. Original People

3. Illusion of Action

The Russian national Breaking championships for the following age groups were also held: b-boys 16-18, b-girls 16-18, b-boys 14-15, b-girls 14-15, crews 16-18, crews 11-15.

For more information visit the FDSAAR website: www.fdsarr.ru

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