WDSF Breaking for Gold


Top 16 b-girls and top 32 b-boys results

23 Jun 2019 07:54

b-boys round robin

The line ups for the top 16 b-girls and the top 32 b-boys in the WDSF World Breaking Champion are looking strong! Live stream is now on on Olympic Channel starting with round Robin. Only four dancers from both categories will go through for the next round to battle for the World Champion title, so now it’s not the time to hold back!


The top 16 qualified b-girls are:
Ramona (Finland)
DR.C (China)
Ami (Japan)
Paulina (Poland)
Madmax (Belgium)
Fenqi (China)
Vavi (Russia)
Sunny (United States)
Ayane (Japan)
Ying Zi (China)
Logistix (United States)
Fresh Bella (Korea, Republic of (South Korea))
Jilou (Germany)
Roxy (Great Britain)
Queen Mary (Bulgaria)
Lluvia (Colombia) 

The top 32 qualified b-boys are:
Astro (China)
Dr. Hill (Mexico)
Shigekix (Japan)
Marius (Romania)
HR (China)
Jamal (Russia)
Issei (Japan)
Pocket (Korea, Republic of (South Korea))
Hotan (China)
Klash (Egypt)
Lil G (Venezuela)
Lego Sam (Malaysia)
Lazy (China)
Cri6 (Morocco)
Lussy Sky (Ukraine)
Vero (Korea, Republic of (South Korea))
X-Rain (China)
Tirock (Belgium)
Bumblebee (Russia)
Luan (Brazil)
Oy (China)
Hatsolo (Finland)
Lagaet (France)
El Nino (United States)
Simy (Belgium)
Daniel (Norway)
Phil Wizard (Canada)
Xak (Spain)
Bullet From Space (Russia)
Poter (Israel)
Menno (Netherlands)

Bruce Almighty (Portugal)


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