WDSF Breaking for Gold


Victor Victorious

28 Jan 2018 11:19

B-Boy Victor with UNDISPUTED JudgesThe UNDISPUTED World B-Boy Masters had the winners of the most emblematic 1 vs 1 events held during 2017 plus the two highest-placed runners-up in the ranking fight it out over the "supremo" title of UNDISPUTED champion of champions.

Through a round robin danced in three groups plus two semi-finals pitting the group winners and the one runner-up who had accrued the most wins, rounds and votes, the competition arrived at its pinnacle. The final battle between B-Boy Victor, USA, and B-Boy Vero, KOR!

For those following the action in San Diego, USA, through live streams on Facebook or YouTube - many of whom had to either stay up late or get up early - the viewing experience may not have been the best. "Lag sux... Good battles minus lagz!" was just one of many comments made by the members of a demanding audience watching from all corners of the world. Good thing that Stance turned the first edited highlight of the final around in no time at all. Watch victorious Victor claim the second UNDISPUTED title of his career ...

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