Belgian Breaking

15 Dec 2017 10:13

Danssport VlaanderenDancesport Flanders, the regional governing body, and Straatrijk, the organisation behind UNBREAKABLE, the biggest b-boy event in Belgium, set up a crowdfunding page: Road to the Olympics - Belgian Breakdancing Scene.

There they look for individual donations from 5 to 500+ € to cover the airfare to and the stay in Tokyo of three b-boys who have a shot at making it to the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympics by excelling in the WDSF World Breaking Championships in Japan.  The target: 3,500 €! Close to 300 € were raised in less than 24h!

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) congratulates Danssport Vlaanders and Straatrijk on their initiative. WDSF hopes that its National Member Body, the Belgian Dancesport Federation, will make a significant contribution and solicit the support of the Belgian National Olympic Committee as well.

Jacowbski produced a video for the crowdfunding drive! Donate under the following link!

CDORX41zZbo|Road to Youth Olympics - Belgian Breakdance scene



14 Dec 2017 09:27


There is an alternative way to secure your place in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Why not sign up as a volunteer? The Organising Committee is recruiting volunteers aged 18 and older for a variety of tasks!

As the organisers say, "All tasks are significant; all responsibilities are key. There is a place waiting for you. Be a Buenos Aires 2018 volunteer. Be part of the history."

Maybe we should add the following information too!

The volunteer's task is ad-honorem.
The accommodation or travel expenses of the volunteers are not paid for by the Organising Committee.
Public transport will be free for volunteers during the Games.
You will receive a snack and lunch or dinner depending on your schedule.
You will wear an Olympic Youth uniform.
When the Games are over you will receive two digital certificates; one for the training you received and another for your participation in the volunteer program.

Sign up

1ndX0GL1bqA|#BePartOfTheHistory - Volunteer Programme Buenos Aires 2018

National Member Bodies Notified

08 Dec 2017 16:22

B-Boy Tricky Tricks @ Little ShaoThe WDSF General Manager, Guillaume Felli, sent out letters to each of the 12 National Member Bodies (NMBs) which succeeded - at the Qualifier in Taipei City, TPE, on 2 December - to keep b-boys and b-girls in contention for one of the 24 places in DanceSport's contingent for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

30 breakers representing 13 countries in Asia and Oceania advance to the third and final stage of the Olympic qualification process: the WDSF World Youth Breaking Championship on 20 May 2018 in Kawasaki, near Tokyo, JPN.

"It is extremely important that you get in touch with your National Olympic Committee (NOC) to discuss the qualification and provide the NOC with positive background information about DanceSport as well as the discipline of breaking in your country," Felli wrote in the letters.  "That will help to guide your NOC towards a favourable decision when it comes to validating participation in the YOG," he concluded.

Letters wents out to the following NMBs (in the order of the number of athletes qualified and the alphabet):

Japan (2 b-girls and 3 b-boys)
South Korea (2 b-girls and 3 b-boys)
Chinese Taipei (2 b-girls and 3 b-boys)
China (1 b-girl and 3 b-boys)
Australia (2-boys)
Hong Kong (2 b-girls)
Philippines (2 b-boys)
Kyrgyzstan (1 b-girl)
Malaysia (1 b-boy)
Thailand (1 b-boy)
Vietnam (1 b-boy)

Only one single country which qualified an athlete (B-Boy Tricky Tricks) does not have a NMB (yet): Nepal!

Proud Coach and Mentor

08 Dec 2017 14:27

HKG BreakingWe talked about the ten breakers who travelled from Hong Kong to Taipei City with the ambitious goal to make it past the second hurdle on their personal #YOGjourney. 

Well, two of them did - and that should make their coach Cha Cha Kong a very happy man! B-Girl Ivy and B-Girl B-Duck finished the Qualifier in 16th and 18th postion, respectively, and managed keep the Olympic dream of the Hong Kong breakers alive at least until 20 May 2018.

"So proud of these girls and my new students," Chacha Kong wrote on his Facebook page. "They made it to the World Youth Breaking Championship in Tokyo next year in May. But this has just begun! Thank you so much for believing in me and for listening to me!"

Read the full article about their exploit on!

CHN Breaking

08 Dec 2017 05:02

CHN BreakingWhile here in Shanghai for the upcoming 2017 GrandSlam Finals, we had the opportunity to talk to Jimmy Su, the Secretary General of the Chinese DanceSport Federation, about the YOG Qualifier held last weekend in Taipei City, TPE.

We wrote ahead of the event that bringing the five b-boys and B-Girl Lil-V in representation of the People's Republic of China to Taipei would not be easy. As all Cross-Straits sports exchanges, it called for special visas to be issued on both sides.

This then implied that an extra effort had to be put in by Jimmy Su, as the head of the Chinese delegation, and by Royce Yeh, as the President of the Chinese Taipei DanceSport Federation and formal host of the Qualifier. The Chinese as well as Chinese Taipei Olympic Committees and WDSF First Vice-President Shawn Tay were also involved in writing breaking history with the first ever breaking exchange.

The Chinese breakers and the officials lost one flight due to the delays in the visa issuance, but they ended up making it in time for the Qualifier. Of the six who battled last Saturday, four - three b-boys and B-Girl Lil-V, remain in the running for one of the 24 places in the YOG contingent

It Is About The Youth

05 Dec 2017 08:17

B-Boy Renegade | BfG Judge @ Little Shao

The third of the Continental Qualifiers is history, the contingent of dancers representing countries in Asia and Oceania at the 2018 World Youth Breaking in Kawasaki, JPN, has been announced - and all results will be published today!

Maybe the most appropriate summary of this event was made by one of the senior members of the judging panel. By someone who's seen and done it all during a breaking career that doubles the age of the b-boys and b-girls competing in Taiepi City, TPE.

This is what Kev James, aka B-Boy Renegade, posted on his Facebook page.

Damn! Third and final Continental Qualifier for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games done and dusted. Back in 1982/3, when I got into this, there was no way I could have imagined this happening, much less being part of the process. The judging system is up and running. Working superbly.

This was by far the most interesting one for me. Meeting kids from Nepal, Mongolia, Bhutan, Myanmar...

I mean, who even knew these places had scenes? A few have only ever seen breaking online. They have never left their country, much less been to a jam and connected with so many like-minded individuals. Imagine being the first person in your family to leave your country. For dancing!
On top of that they get to meet a few of our shining stars: Storm, Mounir, AT, Bootuz, Narumi, Skim, Katsu, Kid Colombia, Vero, Lussy Sky ...

They are a mixture of innocence, nerves and excitement. It is, and always has been about the youth.

The Stage Is Set | We're Live

02 Dec 2017 07:33

YOG Qualifier for Asia and Oceania © stanceIn the end, turnout was slighly lower than the expected 109 breakers: B-Boys Entered and B-Girls Entered. 66 b-boys and 21 b-girls presented themselves on time for Phase One of the YOG Qualifier Asia & Oceania. It started as scheduled and proceeded without any major suprises throughout the Phase Two Round Robin battles.

There is a Facebook LIVE comingin  from the venue. Get all the results and brackets from BfG Facebook and/or Instangam.

Below you have Facebook LIVE videos embedded in the order that they became available.

The Final

The B-Girl Semi-Final

The B-Boy Semi-Final

Earlier in the Round Robin

An ARM Speaks Up

01 Dec 2017 08:27

AT and friends at the Taipei Airport Together with B-Boy Moy, USA, Anniina Tikka, aka B-Girl AT and hailing from Finland, was only recently appointed an Athlete Role Model (ARM) through a letter by IOC President Thomas Bach. Now she serves as one of the five judges at the YOG Qualifier for Asia and Oceania in Taipei City, TPE. She is here on double assignment, holding down two jobs of much responsibility!

We talked to her about her appointment, about breaking in general and about the b-girls catching up with the b-boys.

AT, how does one feel as a newly appointed Athlete Role Model?

I’m really honoured and excited about the appointment as an Athlete Role Model and I look forward to working with the youth in Buenos Aires.

Obviously, there is a fair amount of responsibility that goes with the role. Your perception?

I take this role very seriously and will do my best in showing good example for the young b-boys and b-girls. 

Now that you know what is required of you, why do you think that you have been selected for the job.

For the past years I’ve been really active in the breaking scene in many different ways. On top of showing my skills on the dance floor, I’ve been judging, writing blogs, teaching workshops and educating people online with our platform B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo. I believe my work has proven my professionalism, it has shown that if I do something, I do it properly.

You travel the world teaching people to break and promoting the art/sport. What will be different when you teach at the BAYOG in October next year?

The thing that’s remarkable in the BAYOG is that this time the youth is in the centre of the attention, not the adults. This is something that doesn’t happen too often in breaking events with this kind of level - since the best dancers from this age group will be attending. They are the future of our scene and will definitely be the future role models for many up-and-coming dancers. That’s why working with them is very important and rewarding.

What is the spirit of "Olympism” for B-Girl AT?

Even though a competition is an occasion where you test yourself and your skills against other people, for me it’s important that the game remains fair, and that everyone enjoys the event. The Youth Olympic Games will absolutely be an enormous learning experience for many young dancers. So despite the outcome of the competition, it’s a great thing if everyone brings home a lot of inspiration and more understanding about the dance. Hopefully many new friends as well!

How do you believe that the YOG will influence the art/sport of breaking?

Training for this competition has already motivated many young dancers a lot. This will uplift the level within the youth. I also believe that YOG inspires many new people to try breaking, something which will hopefully increase the number of people involved.

You are one of not too many women who leaves her mark on different areas in breaking. Judging being one! You were the first woman ever to judge at the Silverback Open and you only recently judged your first BC One World Finals. Is breaking still too male-dominated?

Yes, the field of breaking is still very male-dominated but every year we see more and more girls involved and with high level skills. So little by little we, the women, are gaining more space and attention in the scene.

What is there to be done to get more women involved in all aspects of the art/sport? What can they do better than their male counterparts?

Many times the strength of a woman is ther ability to dance and the musicality, even though we also see a lot of girls with difficult moves that require a lot of strength. Girls often have a soft and groovy style, which makes the movement flow smoothly - as long as it’s done with good control. I believe showing good example, encouraging girls to trust themselves and presenting them with more opportunities are the best ways to get more women involved. 

What is B-Girl AT’s message to the breaking community, to other dancers and to the world at large as an ARM?

What’s very beautiful in breaking and dancing in general is that many people find themselves through it and start to flourish. Many times it helps one to find more self-confidence and to know him/herself better. So remember to be yourself and the dance will give you a lot back in return.

If you could turn the counter back by a few years, how much energy would you spend on making it to the BAYOG as a dancer?

Of course I would have been very motivated about this kind of opportunity. Most likely I would have been training like crazy, even though that pretty much was the case anyway.

HKG Breaking by HKDSA

30 Nov 2017 08:44

HKG Breaking © HKDSAA number of WDSF Member Bodies have made efforts to bring the best breakers from their countries to the Continental YOG Qualifiers. Probably none more than the Hong Kong DanceSport Association (HKDSA). A 10-strong HKDSA delegation is currently on its way to Taipei City, TPE. Here they are at the airport in Hong Kong!

Back in July, we reported on the national breaking team competing during the 2017 GrandSlam Hong Kong in front of a sell-out crowd at the QE II Stadium. The HKDSA leadership under Raymond Leung, George Yip and George Kwan had previously reached out to the local Hip Hop community - specifically to Cha Cha Kong, a b-boying legend and educator - to define the formula which was to ensure that Hong Kong's best young  breakers could take a shot at qualifying for the BAYOG. Four months later, five b-boys and five b-girls get the opportunity to pursue their YOG dream by battling in the Continental Qualifier for Asia and Oceania.

Cha Cha Kong considers making it all the way to Buenos Aires next year is a long shot for all of them, but hey, it is a shot worth taking ...


#YOGjourney Continues ...

29 Nov 2017 13:22

Breaking for Gold in Essen © Little Shao The third and last of the Continental Qualifiers for the Breaking events at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) takes place on Saturday 2 December in Taipei City, TPE. Participation is limited to some 120 breakers from as many as 27 countries in Asia and in Oceania, who have all managed to take the first hurdle in their quest for a YOG berth already.

They were among the 395 worldwide who made it past the first of the three-stage qualification process by uploading a 45-second recording of their best dancing skills to Olympic history was made when expert judges proceeded to screen the more than 1,000 videos submitted by 15 to 17-year-old b-boys and b-girls in 81 countries, and to select those they wanted to take a closer look at in one of the Continental Qualifiers.

Stage one of the process was global in a truly unique way: no costs, no restrictions, no formalities whatsoever! Only the confidence in one’s ability as a breaker, a video camera or a smartphone, plus access to the Internet were required to take the first step towards Buenos Aires 2018.

As it turned out, the next steps implied decidedly more bureaucracy. The hosts of the Qualifier for Asia and Oceania had their work cut out in that respect. Cross-Straits sports exchanges may have become a common occurrence over the years, yet they still require a great deal of communications and unconditional respect for the protocols established by the Nagoya Resolution.

Between the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), the Chinese DanceSport Federation (CDSF) and the Chinese Taipei DanceSport Federation (CTDSF), every effort was made to ensure the participation of five b-boys and one b-girl representing the People’s Republic of China in this Qualifier. Successfully: an official delegation under the auspices of the Chinese Ministry of Sports is led by CDSF Secretary General Su Jie. In Taipei City, he will meet up with his counterparts in making this first ever breaking exchange happen: WDSF First Vice-President for Sport Shawn Tay and CTDSF President Royce Yeh.

As of 29 November, 109 entries from 25 countries have been confirmed. Among them are breakers whose travel and accommodation expenses are covered by the hosts through generous financial support by the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and government agencies. 

As was the case in Philadelphia and Essen, this Continental Qualifier is also embedded into an established event. Taipei Bboy City has taken the place of R16 in Seoul, KOR, as the eminent breaking tournament in Asia. Aside from the qualifying in the YOG events 1 vs 1 B-Boy and B-Girl, there will be other battling too: 1 vs 1 between some of the biggest names in the art/sport and under the UNDISPUTED brand. 

After the final knockout battles of the Continental Qualifier in Taipei City we should know the names of 20 b-boys and 10-girls who will be able to continue on the “Road to Buenos Aires,” with the last hurdle to be taken in May 2018 at the World Youth Breaking Championship in Kawasaki, JPN. The 12 b-boys and 12 b-girls making it to the YOG in October will get selected based on their results there: 1 b-boy and 1 b-girl per country!


Massive Turnout From Turnhout

27 Nov 2017 17:15

Breaking in Deurne @ DSVThat Belgium's Flanders region is a breaking hotbed has again been proven this weekend. A dance club in the city of Antwerp called for b-boys and b-girls to show up for a "regional" competition on Sunday. 800 did!

One could argue that Antwerp's metropolitan area is home to a sizeable population, 1.2 million, but 800 breakers is still pretty good for entries.

Apparently the JayBeeS Dancers, a school from Turnhout - another city in the Antwerp province - were most numerous and most successful. They won 10 competitions in the different events and age grades, they came in second nine and third four times in all. Obviously, the Belgian b-boys who had qualified for Stage III Breaking for Gold were present too. B-Boy Sawyer was the one who travelled farthest. He's from the French-speaking Waloon region.

A-nt5AhE0_o|B-Boy Sawyer, BEL vs B-Boy Yung Dave, RUS | YOG QUAL AFR&EUR

The Lone Breaking Star

14 Nov 2017 10:12

B-Boy Jordan © Tyrone Bradley / RB Content Pool

How did B-Boy Jordan, the only breaker from Africa still in the running for one of the 24 places at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (BAYOG), make it into a recent edition of OLÉ, the #1 sports paper of Argentina?

Well, he first got a write-up published by the Communications Department of the BAYOG Organising Committee on the website.

He puts his effort into persepective!

If I make the YOG it will be the biggest achievement of my life so far.”                     

“I have never participated in sports at school or done extra-curricular activities because I have been dancing and no one has ever understood that until now, now that it’s an (Youth) Olympic sport.” 

“I realised I would be acknowledged, people would recognise my passion at school and in my community. They would understand why I was doing it, how hard it is and that it’s not just a thing you do, it is a lot of practise and time dedicated.”

Read the full article on the BAYOG website!