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B-Boy Moy | ARM with a Mission

19 May 2018 13:27

Kawasaki, JPN - 19 May © Egli

Moises Rivas, aka B-Boy Moy from Houston, USA, is in Kawasaki, JPN, in his capacity as a judge. The 35-year-old standout in top-level breaking has taken part in and won some of the most important competitions over the past few years.

In his everyday life, Moy runs "Break Free," a very special school for Hip Hop in Houston, USA. You should read up on that in articles published about Moy earlier.

B-Boy Moy is also one of two Athlete Role Models (ARM) for breaking at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

With all his background and expertise as a b-boy and as a teacher, he conducted a much acclaimed workshop for the participants in tomorrow's World Youth Breaking (and some younger local talent). Here is some of it!

dNkDDmuBPfU|B-Boy Moy Workshop
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