WDSF Breaking for Gold


B-Girl Narumi Says ...

08 Apr 2018 10:27

FISE Breaking Hiroshima © Katsu1

The city of Hiroshima in Japan became a leg of the FISE World Series for the first time this year. And the IOC as well as the Organising Committee for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (BAYOG) sent their observers to have another look at the sports and disciplines which are on the BAYOG programme: climbing with Bouldering, cycling with BMX and DanceSport with Breaking. With a setting almost identical to the one in Buenos Aires, the FISE World Series event gave everyone a good first impression of what can be expected in terms of overall atmosphere!

Breaking for Gold Judge B-Girl Narumi, who officiated at the FISE even too,  told the press that it was the first time that Breaking has been part of such a huge multi-disciplinary event in Japan. She also believes that each athlete can learn from the culture of other sports and take advantage of the energy of each community to grow. She was pleased that her discipline was promoted to the general public by the top Japanese b-boys/girls and hoped their passion for Breaking inspired some of the young spectators.


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