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Brazil exceeds expectations with first ever National Breaking Championship

20 Dec 2022 14:33

Breaking Brazil Sao Paulo 2022

The first Brazilian National Breaking Championship in history has been successfully held in São Paulo, and by all accounts it could become a template for similar competitions around the world.

The two-day event was jointly organized by the Conselho Nacional de Dança Desportiva (CNDD) and International Master Crews  and marked the start of the national ranking phase for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, where Breaking will make its Olympic debut.

The competition attracted over 5,000 spectators, with thousands  more watching online thanks to live coverage on Canal Olímpico, the official channel of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB).
The battles featured 117 Breakers from 18 states and all five regions of the country and were on fire from the outset, routinely bringing the assembled crowds to their feet.

In the end it was b-boy Luan San and b-girl Toquinha who emerged triumphant, overcoming b-boy Leony and b-girl Mini Japa, respectively, in the finals. B-boy Rato EVN and b-girl Fran rounded out the medals podium.

In the kids’ competition, 13-year-old b-boy Samukinha won gold, 12-year-old b-girl Mary D claimed silver and 12-year old b-girl Angel won bronze.

The event was a crucial opportunity for organizers to gauge the level of talent in Brazil and for athletes to get their first taste of the WDSF judging system that will be used in Olympic qualifying and at the Games in 2024.

On hand to officiate the proceedings was an international panel of officials that included:

  • Bojin (Chinese Taipei) - WDSF Presidium Member & WDSF Breaking Division Head
  • Max (Portugal) - WDSF Breaking Event Management Specialist
  • MG (Slovakia) - Technical Delegate and WDSF Breaking Ranking System Specialist
  • Kadoer (Spain) – WDSF Judge (Trivium)
  • Dora (Hungary) - WDSF Judge (Trivium)
  • Migaz (Brazil) - CNDD Arbitration Commission

The event received high praise across the board: from the level of competition to the selection of the venue to logistics and event management.

“This was the best Nationals I have attended so far,” said Max, a sentiment shared by fellow officials Bojin and MG. “They brought an authentic Breaking approach that kept the values of Hip Hop culture while combining it with sport. All I can say is: ‘Bravo’!”

MG added that the event “could definitely become a standard for other countries to follow,” adding that the seminars and workshops offered after the battles provided a great chance for national team hopefuls and the CNDD to better understand the qualification process for the Olympic Games Paris 2024, the WDSF ranking system, event structure and other important topics.

“I really hope a Breaking For Gold World Series and Challenge Series event will take place in 2023 in Brazil, as it’s crucial for the further development of the Latin America region,” MG added. “This would also be a great opportunity for the international Breaking community to experience Brazilian culture and a high-quality event.”

Following the success of the event, a Breaking for Gold World Series and Challenge Series in Brazil are now being seriously considered by the CNDD, according to its President Patric Tebaldi.

“We at the CNDD are doing our best to develop the Breaking discipline in Brazil,” Tebaldi said. “Organizing a Brazilian Championship of this size and with this quality is the merit of our team and the partnerships we are building, especially with our National Olympic Committee, the COB.

“The success of our event is something replicable and possible, and now we want to do it at an international level. Bringing a BfG World Series and a Challenge Series to Brazil is the next step in the evolution of this success. We hope to see the world in Brazil.”

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