WDSF Breaking for Gold


By Appointment

03 Nov 2017 09:14

B-Girl ATMoises Rivas (B-Boy Moy), USA, and Anniina Tikka (B-Girl AT), FIN, are invited to attend the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) by personal letter of the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Dr Thomas Bach.

Moy and AT will not compete in the Breaking there; they are out of the age range for that. Theirs is an altogether different assignment in an event that aspires to go beyond sports and competitions.

"In creating the Youth Olympic Games," President Bach writes in his letter, "the IOC has developed a mission of building an event that educates, engages and empowers aspiring young people around the world to play a positive and active role in their communities.

"Your involvement and participation in the Youth Olympic Games will have an enormous impact on helping fulfil this mission," Bach concludes. 

Moy and AT will be two of the Athlete Role Models expected to serve as the mentors to young athletes who compete in the YOG, and to local youth as well, spending time with them and participating in activities which revolve around sport, culture and education.

We have reached out to Moy and AT - who we know are both in Amsterdam at this time - and asked them to comment on their appointment. But with Moy about to go to battle - first for a place and then for the win - in the Red Bull BC One Final which is held this weekend, this could take some time. Stay tuned!


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