WDSF Breaking for Gold


Moscow, October 2017

18 May 2018 16:26

Team Russia BreakingWe ran into this motley crew at the 2017 GrandSlam Latin Moscow, which was held as part of a "reinvented and multi-disciplinary" Russian Open DanceSport Championships, on 27 October 2017. We had known their names and faces from the YOQ continental qualifier (Europe/Africa) in Essen, GER, about three weeks earlier: Bumblebee, Yung Dave, Muha, David, Uzelok. They had qualified for the 2018 World Youth Breaking here in Kawasaki, JPN, three weeks earlier in Essen, GER.

As an opening act to the decisive stages of the GrandSlam Latin, and together with some of their friends, they dazzled the capacity crowd with a breakining showcase performed at the Crocus exhibition centre. Here they are. The track is not your usual DJ mix ...

rE0RZYP3OQo|YOG Breaking Showcase | ROC | DanceSport Total

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