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Russian National Breaking Team is going to Nanjing

22 Mar 2019 09:37

B-Boys Russia

Breaking as a DanceSport discipline in the Russian Federation made a big step to sport for the last two years under the aegis of the All Russian Federation of DanceSport and Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll. The first international Breaking event – the Russian Open Breaking Championships (ROBC) featuring WDSF Open Breaking B-boys and WDSF Open Breaking B-girls – was held on October 19-21 in Moscow.  Russian athletes took part in the III Summer Youth Olympic Games. Sergey Chernyshev (aka B-boy Bumblebee) won the first Olympic Gold.  

The Russian National Breaking Championships took place on February 28 – March 1 in one of the Russian sport capitals, the city of Kazan. The competitions were held in all age groups by more than 350 athletes. Based on national results the FDSARR nominates the Russian National Breaking Team to represent the Russian Federation at official international competitions. 

B-boys and B-girls were in particular focus, as the winners and silver medalists of the Russian National Breaking Championships were qualified for participation in the 2019 WDSF World Breaking Championship in Nanjing on June 23. 

Here they are:

B-boy Cheerito (Evgeny Pervushkin) and B-boy Jamal (Jamal Asadulaev)

B-girl Art (Margarita Artemyeva) and B-girl Vavi (Aleksandra Kachanova) 

Congratulations to the Russian National Breaking Team and we look forward to welcoming you in Nanjing on June 23rd, 2019!

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