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Two Partnerships Announced for the 2019 World Breaking Championship

02 Apr 2019 15:23

Photo courtesy of www.myudef.org

Today, WDSF is pleased to announce two partners from the Breaking community, who will support, share expertise and assist the local organizers in Nanjing in making sure everything is well run.

The Urban Dance & Educational Foundation (UDEF) is a not-for-profit corporation and public charity under Section 501(c)3 of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Several of UDEF’s board members have assisted WDSF as key advisors in previous Breaking events and four of them will be doing so again for the upcoming 2019 World Championship in Nanjing, including two Technical Delegates and two Judges. In connection with UDEF’s support in Nanjing, four breakers from the Nanjing event will be offered free trips to the October 12-13, 2019 Silverback Open in the United States, including first and second place from Nanjing in both the 1v1 male and 1v1 female. For more information regarding UDEF, please visit: www.myudef.org

And8, registered in Austria, will manage competition scoring in Nanjing using the Trivium Value judging system approved for use at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG). Further information regarding the Trivium Value judging system can be found on the WDSF website under Competition Rules. The And8 website address is: www.and8.dance.  

WDSF is very pleased with these two partnerships and strongly believes that the relationships will be mutually beneficial. Together with the line-up of the Technical Delegates, MCs, DJs and the panel of Judges, the WDSF expects the 2019 World Breaking Championship to be of highest quality and setting the standard for all future WDSF Breaking Events.

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