Breaking at the Youth Olympic Games

Buenos Aires, 6-18 October

Results from the Youth Olympic Games

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Shigekix (JPN)

Shigekix JPN

The Osaka native booked his ticket to the Youth Olympic Games by winning the WDSF World Youth Breaking Championship this May in Kawasaki. A member of the K.A.K.B. and BBoy World Asia crews, Shigekix has been strutting his stuff since he was 7 years old.

In 2017, Shigekix at age 15 was the youngest dancer ever invited to the Red Bull BC One, where he reached the semifinals. A star clearly on the rise, Shigekix was also the subject of a recent Olympic Channel short.

Bumblebee (RUS)

Bumblebee RUS

Bumblebee is one of the shooting stars on the international breaking scene. In 2017, together with b-boys Robin and Alkolil, he made it to the final of the 3vs3 battle at the Silverback Open in Philadelphia. He followed that up with a second-place finish in Kawasaki to earn his spot at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

The 18-year-old member of the OutStanding Crew finds inspiration in rap, acting, martial arts, music and other dance styles. He is also interested in the training methods of other successful athletes and tries to incorporate new ideas into his own style.

Bad Matty (ITA)

Bad Matty ITA

Although he has only been dancing for five years, Bad Matty has an impressive number of battles already under his belt. In addition to making the quarterfinals of the Red Bull BC One Italy Cypher this year, the Italian b-boy booked his ticket to Buenos Aires with a third-place finish at the Kawasaki qualifiers.

As a pupil of Giuseppe Di Mauro, aka Kacyo, Bad Matty counts toprock, footwork and freezes among his impressive arsenal of moves, which he delivers in a dynamic yet easygoing style.

X-Rain (CHN)

X-Rain CHN

Not a lot is yet know about 18-year-old X-Rain from Jinzhou, China. But that could all be about to change if he betters his 4th-place finish in Kawasaki and wins a medal at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. Stay tuned!

Axel (POL)

Axel POL

B-boy Axel from Gózd, Poland, burst onto the scene at the 2018 Outbreak Europe, where he reached the TOP32 out of a pool of 557 participants. When he started breaking at the age of 8 in 2010, Axel’s first idols were Kleju, Roxrite and Neguin. He was later influenced by Stripes, Thesis, Victor, Fleau and all the Hustle Kidz b-boys.

The strengths of the 16-year-old lie in his litheness, his creativity and his musicality. He feels great gratitude not only to his coach, Marcin Wieczorek, aka b-boy Sajgon, from the Lumbago Crew, but also to his own Coolkids Flavour Crew.

Reflow (BEL)

Reflow BEL

A member of the Mixed Souls Crew and Okami Clan, Reflow began dancing in 2011. He was inspired by the moves of Michael Jackson and says his love of travel motivates him to be the best breaker he can be. Reflow discovered his enthusiasm for dance at the age of 10, first dancing hip hop before later switching to breaking.

Dedicated, motivated and determined, when Reflow isn’t breaking he can be found pursuing his other hobbies: photography, graphic design and drawing. Mike Tyson and Bruce Lee are his two greatest idols.

D-Matt (CAN)

D-Matt CAN

At the age of 11, D-Matt knew that he wanted to dance for the rest of his life. Today he is a member of the Stylz Corrupt Crew founded in Montreal in 2008. He owes his development in dance to his crew and his coach, Vincent Lachance, aka b-boy Intrikid, as well as to two other local crews Sweet Technique and Fresh Format.

At the YOG Continental Qualifier in Philadelphia, D-Matt took first place. At the WDSF World Youth Breaking Championships in Kawasaki, he finished 7th to qualify for the YOG in Buenos Aires.

KennyG (TPE)

KennyG TPE

Born in Taoyuan in Chinese Taipei in 2000, KennyG started dancing at the age of 13 having been inspired by the movie Step Up 3. After five years of training and numerous national battles, he finished second in the Continental YOG Qualifiers in Taipei.

KennyG trains at the Top Coalition Studio and practises under the guidance of Lee Yi Fu, aka Lil Dragon. His idols are the Top Coalition Crew, Floorriorz, Jinjo and the Rivers crews.

Martin (FRA)

Martin FRA

Martin, who celebrated his 16th birthday this September, was born in Calais, France, and started dancing at the age of 9. Together with his group Kla Crew ("Kla" is an abbreviation for the city of Calais) Martin took part in the Battle of the Year France in 2016 and 2018 and describes his experiences there as the best moments in his life.

A student of Sacha Vangrevelynghe, aka B-Boy Cash, Martin fought his way to second place at the YOG Continental Qualifier in Essen, Germany and finished ninth at the World Championship in Kawasaki.

B4 (VIE)


B-boy B4 belongs to the UDGVietnam crew. A versatile dancer, B4 is able to perform any dance style, from Broadway to jazz, contemporary to hip hop, and even ballet, although breaking is his main passion.

Looking to the future, B4 wants to take part in all the biggest dance competitions and one day become a dance teacher. “Dancing saved my life and those of my two little brothers,” he says. “After my mom passed away, we only had dancing to have fun, and now it is the best thing in my life, it allows me to meet so many amazing people. And I’m really happy because of it. If I don’t have dancing, I have nothing.”

Broly (ARG)

Broly ARG

The 18-year-old Argentinian has been dancing almost all his life. His first acquaintance with breaking came at the age of 4 when his father gave lessons in a classroom next to their old house. Legión Masiva, Broly’s crew, has exercised the most influence over Broly’s development in dance.

At Buenos Aires, Broly sees a great opportunity to build his reputation on the international breaking scene. In addition to winning a medal in Buenos Aires, Broly one day would like to take part in the International Red Bull BC One.

Jordan (RSA)

Jordan RSA

A member of the Dye-namic/ Kreative Beings crews, the Johannesburg native began dancing in 2013 and is motivated by a desire to grow the b-boy scene in South Africa. B-boy Jordan has made great strides in a short period thanks to his coach Rankatsana Bashimane, aka Bashi Jordan, and his two crews.

Jordan sites b-boy Cloud as his greatest inspiration and role model, both for his dancing and warm-hearted personality. Free days are a rarity for Jordan, whose focus is squarely on preparation for the YOG in Buenos Aires and his goal of showcasing his skills on the Olympic stage.



Ram (JPN)


Winner of the 2018 WDSF World Youth Breaking Championship, B-girl Ram is the one to look out for in Buenos Aires. A member of The Flooriorz, the Yokohama native has been dancing since she was 5 years old.

Her love for music and her expressive and energetic style have led to some impressive performances at national and international battles. At age 11 in 2012, Ram and her teammates from the Floorriorz won the Battle of the Year International in Germany. Her discipline, speed and the will to always give 100 percent are the driving forces behind the upward development of this young dancer.

Matina (RUS)

Matina RUS

Matina is considered one of the strongest female athletes at the YOG. Inspired by a movie about breaking, the Russian b-girl started dancing at the age of 11. Today, the 16-year-old represents the Dominant Crew and is coached by Alexandr Rodin, aka R1.

Matina has participated in international battles such as Battle of the Year, Battle of Styles and the Yalta Summer Jam. However, participating in an Olympic event has always been her big dream. Matina describes the moment when she learnt about her YOG qualification as the most beautiful in her life.

Yell (KOR)

Yell KOR

Seoul-born Yell started breaking in 2014 after drawing inspiration from watching a b-boy street performance. A member of the Gamblerz Crew, Yell will be looking to improve on her third-place finish at the World Youth Breaking Championships when she competes in Buenos Aires this October.

B-girl Yell is known for her clean technique, smooth transitions, musicality and elegant execution. When she isn’t breaking, Yell can be found doing gymnastics and muscle-developing exercises. In the future Yell would like to give dance lessons and share her experience and knowledge with young people.

Señorita Carlota (FRA)

Señorita Carlota FRA

Carlota became hooked on breaking at the age of 6 and, since 2008, she has been coached by Nahim Sassi. The 15-year-old b-girl with Cuban roots is a member of the French crew Break2Mars.

She already has a lot of battle experience on the national and international level, having competed in events such as the Red Bull BC One France Cypher. Determination is her greatest strength. At the WDSF World Youth Breaking Championships in Kawasaki, Carlota finished in 5th place. In her free time, Carlota enjoys shopping and contemporary dance.

Lexy (ITA)

Lexy ITA

B-girl Lexy started dancing at the age of 12 and has been greatly influenced by her crew, Street Warriors, as well as by many b-girls. As a pupil of Giuseppe di Mauro, aka Kacyo, Davide Fasanelli, aka Fasa, and Simone Tomasella, aka Thomas, Lexy finished 1st in the national rankings of the online (stage 1) qualification process for the YOG and placed seventh at the World Championships in Kawasaki.

Accurate footwork, smooth transitions and a highly developed feeling for music are Lexy’s strengths.

Vicky (NED)

Vicky NED

B-girl Vicky started dancing in 2010 and names flexibility as her greatest strength. A native of Gastel, Netherlands, Vicky is a member of the Floor Burnin crews.

She practices under the guidance of Niek Traa at the Rugged Studio in Eindhoven. Music and dance are Vicky’s first priorities in life, and in the future Vicky wants to open her own dance studio. Defined by her positive attitude, Vicky says she was overwhelmed to learn she would be one of the 12 b-girls to compete at the YOG.

Emma (CAN)

Emma CAN

Inspired by some b-boys she met in the first year of high school, Emma started dancing in 2013. Subsequently, the Now Or Never Crew from Vancouver motivated Emma to keep practising. Today the 17-year-old represents the Dreadnoughtz Crew and is coached by Ali Shabbir, a dancer of the MMJ Crew.

The Canadian b-girl is looking forward to competing at the YOG, where she is confident the experience will shape her dancing career. B-girl Emma loves challenges and firmly believes in pursuing her dreams - one of which is to open her own dance studio one day.

Ivy (CYP)


In 2013, inspired by the moves of a friend, the then 12-year-old Ivy decided to enroll in breaking lessons. The rest is history. Just five years later, the Cypriot b-girl will proudly represent her country at the Youth Olympic Games, and will use the opportunity to make further inroads into the international scene and promote breaking.

Confidence and style sum up what Ivy brings to each competition. Her personal motto is “Be a better version of yourself each day,” and the 17-year-old b-girl will look to continue her personal development in dancing in Buenos Aires.

Vale (ARG)

Vale ARG

Argentina’s own Vale will be spurred on by the support of the home crowd this October in Buenos Aires. Vale was born in Mendoza on 7 May 2000 and started dancing only four years ago. From her first breaking class until now, she has been coached by Luis Jeremias Sosa, aka b-boy Astilla.

At the YOG, look for Vale to impress everyone with her strong suits – top rock and footwork – as well as a great attitude, battle strategy and maturity.

Anastasia (LAT)

Anastasia LAT

B-girl Anastasia took up breaking in 2012, inspired by the performances at the Riga Jam. In the online qualification process for the YOG, Anastasia was the only participant from Latvia.

A member of the Circle Dance and Camelot Crew, Anastasia is best known for her power moves and dedication to training. She is extremely strong willed: in 2014 she refused to stop practising despite having a broken arm.

Ella (AUT)

Ella AUT

B-girl Ella says the best moment in her life was when she started breaking at the age of 11, inspired by her younger brother. She then started taking breaking classes with Vasi Iancu, aka El Vasi. Her breaking career has been greatly influenced by her brother, b-boy Alias, her crew, Funky Monkez, and b-girl (and YOG judge) Narumi.

She participated with her crew in the Battle of the Year Central Europe in 2017, where they placed second. Ella’s greatest strength is freestyling, while she shines with her attitude, energy and charismatic smile.

Csepke (HUN)

Csepke HUN

B-girl Csepke started dancing at the age of 11. The 17-year old firmly believes that hard work brings good outcomes. Her crew Stay Fresh and her coach Lajos Fodor, aka b-boy Lali, helped her to overcome many difficulties and to develop her breaking skills.

Csepke’s greatest strength lies in her dynamic and detailed footwork. With her participation in the YOG, a dream has come true for the Hungarian, who one day would like to teach breaking and share her experience with the younger generation.