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Guus from Netherlands

National rank: 3
Rank Stage 2: 66

bboy guus from the netherlands sing up video for the olimpics.
i am 15 years old and bboying is my passion. i realy want to go to the olimpic games to bring the hip hop culture and the bboy scene to the next level.

here is a list of my results.
My Competition Results
In 2013 Raymon Truijen wanted to form a crew and I was asked to join . We started the Fresh Allstars crew. At this point I enrolled for battles as a soloist and as a crewmember.

In 2013 I had my first big title, I became Dutch Champion 2 vs 2 King of The Kidz with my good friend Paulos who also danced with Fresh Allstars and with the Ruggeds.
In The Netherlands we had a year round battle named Pioneer Steez Battle which I won several times.

In 2014 I qualified for 1 vs 1 Battle Of The Year Benelux top 8 all ages.
In 2014 I again became a Dutch champion, this time 1 vs 1 DBC (Dutch BBoy Champs). I really wanted to win this battle and when I did, I couldn’t believe it. At this battle a scout for an International Event saw me and he invited me for my first big international event.

2015 Again Dutch Champion 2 vs 2 with Cis, also a Fresh Allstar dancer, at King of The Kidz.
Also I went to Chelles Battle Pro, my first major international battle. I represented The Netherlands. My coach Ray from Fresh Allstars was there with me as well as Niek Traa from The Ruggeds.

My coach Ray is a known dancer from Team Shmetta. He and Sam Revell had an invite for a battle in Lyon, France, and they wanted to sent the best. So I got another opportunity to go to France. For this occasion we started the crew Shmetta Kids. We thought it would be a one time thing, but since then we have had more collaborations.

In 2016 the invites for (inter)national events start to come in. People within the breakdance community know who I am.
Again I wanted to compete in Battle Of The Year. I made it to the top 4 all ages at the Battle Of The Year Benelux .
Our coach wanted the Fresh Allstars to join a television competition so we entered Holland's Got Talent. We made it into the finals. We made 3 different shows and the judges loved it. We especially enjoyed getting feedback from Dan Karraty.

We entered Battle Of The Year Kids with Shmetta Kids and made it to the World Finals. We won this event and got to perform our showcase on the big stage during the main event.
Paul van Dal from ProdanceTv (also a Rugged member/organiser) created a new event the NBL, Netherlands Breakdance League. He introduced a ranking system. I made it to the top 3 advanced dancers 14 to 18 year olds.

Also in 2016 I went to Liége, Belgium to compete 2 vs 2 at the LCB Liége City Break. I made it to the finals.

In 2017 Shmetta Kids went to Cannes, we got an invite and we made it to the top 8 at Break the Floor.

this is how i thing about the future.
The future
In the (near) future I hope to finish High School and enroll at a Dance Academy, the Creative College Urban Dance in Utrecht.
I want to further my ambitions as a soloist and compete in The USA, and also in Asia, as well as a crewmember I hope we can take it to the next level.